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Several Paul Harris Fellowships were presented on December 13th recognizing both Club Members and local community leaders
Two members were presented with their multiple PHF's - Patsy Marshall with her +7 and David Halls with his +5.
Rosemarie Coombs, recently retired founder of Michael House seen here with President Norm Greensmith and PHF Committee Chair, Peter Moore.
Penny Jamieson, Power of Hope
Glenna Banda, The Children's Foundation, seen here with colleague and Club Member, Laurie Lantaigne
Emma Rogers, United Way with President Norm and Club Secretary, Ken Boyd
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Posted by Carrie Rutter on Nov 19, 2017
Desk: Clarence and Trent
Greeter:  Maureen
Guests:  RC Guelph South members - Ann Caine, Jeff and Deb Allen; RC Guelph Wellington - Frank Scott; Guelph Gryphon Singers
Today's agenda was adjusted so that we could enjoy  the  "Proud to be Canadian"  program put together for us by the Guelph Gryphon singers.
Happy Bucks:  None
Fines - No fines
Pot is about $245.  Laurie drew the 9 of clubs.
Announcements and Club Business:
Committee Moment – Since it is Foundation Month, David Halls shared with us the opportunity to join the Paul Harris Society.  Just $1,000 per year and it can be charged to your credit card monthly.  See anyone on the Foundation committee if you are interested.
Christmas party will be on November 30th at the Wellington Brewery, home of Rotary Lager.  There will be Brewery tours and social time in the Duke of Wellington Lounge.  7 pm – Sign up on the Club website Cost for food will be $10 (Click on the event on the left side of this Bulletin).
Ann Caine  RC Guelph is looking for volunteers to help man one of two Salvation Army kettles at Stone Road Mall on December 2nd.  Contact Ann if you can volunteer for an hour or two.
Carrie - Bingo Christmas Bags - we need to fill approximately 70 bags for the seniors.  Paul Fitzpatrick has offered to collect the items and host the "packing ceremony" at his office during the week of December 11th to 15th.
Dennis – Operation Christmas Child/Samaritan's Purse need volunteers on November 20th
RobertNovember is Foundation Month – Fill the jar at the reception desk with your loose change.  Month is half over and our jar is barely a 1/4 full.
Darlene (in absentia) – Nominations are open for Club President-Elect and Board of Director positions.  Send to Ken.
Program – Guelph Gryphon Singers led by Marta McCarthy as conductor
John B introduced our guests who started by sing Oh Canada in English and French.  The best version of Oh Canada heard at the Cutten Club ever on a Wednesday morning.  (ed. note - we should have recorded for future playback)
Other songs performed were:
  • In Flanders Fields
  • Sarah (A Nfld folksong)
  • Canadianimals by Robert Hall (The Moose, The Canada Goose, The Whale, The Beaver)
  • What Einstein Said - music by Trent Worthington
Your next chance to hear them perform.....
"Angels in Song"
Saturday December 2nd
8 pm
Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate
$15 tickets ($10 for seniors and students)
519-824-4120 x.52991
Norm L thanked the group for starting our day off in an excellent way.
Next Meeting:   November 22, 2017 – Club Assembly
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Posted on Aug 21, 2014

Our Mission:

The Rotary Club of Guelph-Trillium is dedicated to enhancing the lives of others through local and international projects.

Our Beginnings:

The Rotary Club of Guelph-Trillium was officially chartered in October 1991. The committee to form the club began its work in the early months of 1991 with the development of a list of potential club members. Committee members from both the Rotary Club of Guelph and the Guelph-Wellington Rotary Club submitted names of those who they felt would be potential Rotarians. A list of 30 potential members was drawn up and invitations were extended to the first provisional meeting which was held at George Michals Restaurant on Woodlawn Road. This meeting began at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday March 27th, with an attendance of 49 people, of which 20 were Rotarians from other Rotary clubs and the rest were potential Rotarians for our new club.

Today, the club has over 50 members and annually hosts one of Guelph's favourite festivals, Ribfest.

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On June 25, 2014, our very own Patsy Marshall will take the helm of the good ship District 7080.  District Changeover Night will be a gala event at the Hanlon Convention Centre, 340 Woodlawn Rd. W., Unit #26 in Guelph where retiring DG Mike Gauthier will be honored along with the many other Rotarians who have made the past year a success.
Patsy has a distinguished record in Rotary and is a highly regarded speaker, trainer, consul;tant, volunteer and teacher.  She currently teaches at several area Colleges and Universities.  For over 20 years, Patsy has had her own training and personal development company, Train On Track.  She received the 2012 YM/YWCA's Woman of Distinction Award for Education and Training and the 2007 David J. Stewart award for teaching excellence and leadership, from Conestoga College.  She is an inspirational member of the Guelph Community on all levels.  As the new DG, she wants to encourage Rotarians to reflect on what Rotary means to them and their contribution to the World of Rotary.
(excerpted from Business Venture Publication, April/May issue)
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Posted by Colleen McManus on Feb 24, 2014
                The Rotary Club of Guelph Trillium organizes and runs an annual Ribfest at Riverside Park in late August. Proceeds from Ribfest are allocated to local organizations, which apply for grants, to help support their good works in the community. On Wednesday, February 12th and 19th, area groups were presented their grants by Dan O’Donnell, Chair of Funding Allocations, Rotary Club Guelph-Trillium, at a breakfast meeting. Each representative spoke at the meeting on how their grant will be used within their organization.
February 12,2014
Front row : Heather Fowler, Big Brothers /Big Sisters of Guelph; Barbara Macrea, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation; Karen Kamphuis, Lakeside Hope House; Dawn Nicholson, Westminster Woods Public School
Back row: Dan O’Donnell ,Chair of Funding Allocations, Rotary Club Guelph-Trillium; Shirley Hunt, Focus on Nature; Rosemary Coombs, Michael House Pregnancy Care Centre.; Jane Colwell, Hospice Wellington; Sly Castaldi, Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis; missing from photo is Allison Stoffman, Ottawa Crescent Public School
February 19,2014
Front row: Mira Clarke, Action Read Literacy Centre; Michelle Hughes, The Elliott; Susan Wahlroth, Community of Hearts Learning Centre; Amy Baskin, J.O.E. (partner with Guelph Public Library)
Back Row: Dan O’Donnell, Chair of Funding Allocations, Rotary Club Guelph-Trillium; Laurie Lantaigne, Food& Friends (Children’s Foundation); Dan Evans & Peter Wilks, Parkwood Gardens Neighbourhood ; Trevor Barton, Guelph Enabling Garden;  Ann Caine, Sunrise Equestrian
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Fellow Rotarians:

This message is to let you know the Wema Centre – Transportation Project successfully ended and closed!

The project started for us in late August 2012 and concluded with a cash transfer to the bank account belonging to the Wema Centre Trust, Mombassa, Kenya, on March 6, 2013. However, one detail of our agreement remained to be completed. That was to affix a reference to Rotary International on the side of the bus.

As you can see in the attached pictures, a label has been affixed which reads "Rotary Clubs of District 7080, Ontario, Canada". The wording is my doing.

Please extend a whole hearted "thank you", from the leaders at the Wema Centre in Mombassa, Kenya (Lucy Yinda, Lloyd Muriuki & others), to your clubs for their most generous donations towards financing the first year’s loan payment on the new bus.

The Rotary clubs who partnered with the RC of Burlington North include: Burlington Lakeshore, Burlington, Bolton, Guelph-Trillium, Oakville Trafalgar and Cambridge North.

A member of our club (Rotary Club of Burlington North) travelled to Kenya in August 2013 and has ridden on the bus. Fareen Samji has reported that the bus has multiple uses of which the most innovative use is a mobile computer lab. The lab enables children to learn and experience the ways to use the internet as the bus is parked in the their city area or in one of their local villages.

In the near future, the RC of Burlington North may offer the opportunity to help in purchasing laptops for the bus. The Wema Centre is currently using PCs but they don’t travel well over the rough roads. My contact, Lucy Yinda, has agreed to provide a report of exactly what they need in the future.

Link onto the Wema Centre Facebook pages. They provide us with an even better insight to the work they do (The new bus is displayed in a photograph).

I extend my personal thank you to all of you!


John Zinkie, International Service Committee

Rotary Club of Burlington North

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Posted on Dec 21, 2012
For a unique opportunity to support this project, championed by our own Bruce and Lorraine Macpherson, click on the "Uganda Project" located under Site Pages to read more and see how you can, personally, help out.Image
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Posted on Nov 08, 2011

Local and International Projects:


In the past five years, funding was provided to the following organizations.




A Step Up

Action Read

Alzheimer Society

Beginnings Pregnancy Care

Bereaved Parents Network

Big Brothers/Big Sisters Unmatched Children Program

Chalmers Community Services

Child Wellness Centre

Children's Foundation Food & Friends

Children's Foundation of G-W

Diabetes Assn.-Camp Huronia

Dunara Homes

Edward Johnson Music Found.

Fred Hamilton Breakfast

Guelph Community Health

Guelph Enabling Gardens

Guelph Independent Living

Guelph Youth Music


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