This year's recipient of the Peter Moore Vocational Services Award is MAUREEN SMITH
In the mid-70’s most girls from a small town who wanted to be a nurse would head to a local hospital or community college for training.  Not Maureen Smith.  With purpose and passion, she left her small town of Thornton and headed to the University of Toronto where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree.
Maureen had a forty-five year long career as a Registered Nurse; working in hospital, community and industry settings.  As a nurse she provided exceptional, compassionate, skillful care to the clients she served. She was respected and acknowledged as a teacher and a mentor to clients and colleagues.
Maureen never wanted to have a designated leadership position in a health care organization. Instead, she preferred to help change lives, one person at a time.
Maureen has experienced treatment for breast cancer twice, first when she was 39 years and, more recently five years ago.  Since then she has become an advocate and champion for numerous women going through their breast cancer journey. 
Maureen has been involved in breast cancer research, education and one-on-one support.  Because of her fierce advocacy and wisdom, she has helped women access care and treatment in a timely manner and, no doubt, has helped shape the outcome of their recovery.  She continues to provide care and support to those who seek her help.  
Maureen has always been known as a “worker bee”.  She is the go-to person when things need to get done.  She has combined this energetic force with her creative talents and is known for her beautiful unique bags sewn from donated recycled upholstery fabric. 
Combing her love of sewing with her passion for children and families, Maureen’s bags are a means for her to continue to improve the health of others.  Over several years, Maureen’s bags have raised over $15,000 to support various charities in Haiti, Uganda and Guelph, with Food4Kids Guelph her current charity of choice.
As a nurse Maureen has always been focused on the health and well-being of others, extending care to anyone in need.  She has chaired the Sunshine Committee of the Rotary Club Guelph Trillium for over ten years, leading the way in kindness to others.

Maureen has never sought recognition – either in her profession or in Rotary.  She is happy to work hard in the background, advising, helping and creating – all in the pursuit of bringing kindness, joy and good health to others. 
She provides a wonderful example of someone who has blended her art with the  science of nursing, and in her retirement, she continues to enrich the lives of others.