Online Registration
Guelph Trillium
Fixed Gear Canteen
5 Edinburgh Rd South
Guelph, ON N1H 5N8

The Membership Cares committee has set a date for a Christmas get together.  

We are meeting at Fixed Gear Canteen for some pizza, wings & drinks. It will be a casual affair without a set program. You can drop in to share some fellowship and a drink, no need to stay for the entire evening (but you are welcome to do so if you wish!). 

We have booked a section of the restaurant so there will be other patrons in the space. 

You need to provide proof of vaccination & government ID to get into the restaurant.  

Membership Cares would like to collect $10 from each attendee to help cover the cost of the food.  We will order a variety of pizzas and wings for sharing so we can mix & mingle. You can either include your payment with your next e-transfer to our Club Treasurer (please inform Jim that you are paying for this event) or Laurie will collect it that night.  You will be responsible for any of your refreshments. 

Note that they serve a variety of options, not just beer (wine, gin, vodka).  

I need you to register/RSVP just in case I messed up on the number for the restaurant.  You can email me at or sign up online via Clubrunner.

Looking forward to seeing you again in person.  

And if I missed anything, please ask.  It has been some time since we organized an event!