Monday March 22nd marks #WorldWaterDay, a day to raise awareness and highlight the importance of education and training in addressing water challenges in indigenous communities in Canada. In September 2020 Rotary International announced that a Global Grant of $80,000 US ($115,000 Cdn.) was awarded to the cluster of Guelph Rotary Clubs, Oakville, Brampton and Toronto as signatories for partnership with the WATER FIRST @waterfirstngo Internship Program. 
There is a link to the story of how this Global Grant came to be (see "Home Page Download Files" frame on right side of website home page) along with this video of Eric, one of the Water First interns - he is speaking about a water ceremony he attended.  World Water Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate how significant water is to our communities, and to address how important it is to ensure everyone has access to safe, clean drinking water.