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Director - Maneesh Jain
As Rotarians, we commit to ‘service above self”.  A membership survey distributed in 2019 found that members felt very connected to each other, enjoyed weekly meetings and speakers, agreed that the club had strong fundraising projects, and that the funds were distributed appropriately across the community and internationally.  The survey identified an unmet need on the part of some members – a greater desire to give back with intentional hands-on service.   This desire coincided with the pandemic, where many organizations were looking for support.  A working group was struck to try to coordinate projects and opportunities within which members could participate.   After one year, it was determined that a standing committee should be created.
The CAT works to broaden the impact of the Rotary Club of Guelph Trillium by connecting willing volunteers (club members) to organizations that need volunteers to support projects.                 
Objectives and Scope:
  1. Support the PODS in committing to one service project per year,
  2. Liaise with community organizations to determine needs and determine interest from the club.
  3. Develop and promote opportunities for club members to engage in service.
  4. Work with the Communications Committee to promote projects completed.
Senior's Bingo:
There is a need to provide an outlet for seniors to socialize with others outside their residence and a fun event that they all can participate in.
To facilitate Bingo for Seniors once a month at both residences  
Objectives and Scope:
For social entertainment for Senior Residents, and a meeting place for newer residents.
Refreshments are also provided. 
Environmental Care Committee:
This committee shall grow Environmental Care as an integral part of what we do as a club.  This will include club members, the club as a whole and the community that we serve.
1. Education – We will seek speakers and other learning opportunities to grow our knowledge, understanding and confidence in Environmental Care.
2. Community – We will be involved in the community in such a way that we display, as a club, a respect for the environment.  This may include environmental scholarships, community projects (such as rain barrels), and educational events.
3. Core Value – We will build Environmental Care as a core value in our club so that everything we do conforms to what we understand to be good Environmental Care practices.